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Body firming

Skin firming is a non-surgical technique. We use the combined action of radiofrequency and infrared VelaShape 3. The treatment is painless and effective, it restores the elasticity and the firmness of your skin by reaching the deeper layers of the dermis to stimulate contraction of collagen fibers.

  • Treatments offered: Non-invasive body firming and body sculpting treatments.
  • Technology used:  VelaShape 3 device.
  • Results: A reduction of the laxity of the skin on the treated areas, improved volume, structure and skin texture.
  • Frequency: Approximately 6 to 10 session of 45 minutes, depending on your skin type. The results show gradually, but body firmness is noticed after each treatment.
  • Maintenance : 1 session every 3 months

Our approach

At Paramedika, our team of professionals is there for its clients’ needs. For us, communication is key. We understand your fears, this is why each of our services is personalized according to your skin type and your needs. We help you feel confident.

Our doctorour doctor

Consults with each client so they can receive the appropriate treatment they need, and prepares the adequate personal care program to suit each patient . The goal is to improve the quality of life and the self-esteem of our customers by personalized care.


Our nursemarie-ève morin-cournoyer

Marie-Ève is our nurse responsible for injections and various other treatments. As an artist through and through, she is driven by her passion to help our customers feel confident.

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